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How to taste plastic cups?

Update:28 Aug 2020

Plastic cutlery rubber is one of the important raw mate […]

Plastic cutlery rubber is one of the important raw materials that constitute modern social materials. It is widely used in automotive, medical, daily use, electronics and other fields, and has a direct impact on human life and industrial production. In recent years, driven and stimulated by the automobile, tire and other rubber product industries, China’s synthetic rubber industry has developed rapidly. China has become the world’s largest rubber importer and intermediate consumer. But for plastic cups, it’s a bit of a taste. It's normal. Today, the editor of plastic knives and forks will show you how to taste plastic cups.
1. Fill the cup with a small amount of boiled water, then tighten the lid and shake it vigorously for a while, there will be a more unpleasant plastic smell. Don't worry, this is normal, then pour out the water and add cold water, shake it a few times, and finally pour out the cold water.

2. Put your tea leaves in the cup, don’t put too little, generally enough for one person to make tea, and then pour two-thirds of the cup’s boiling water into the cup and shake it vigorously. It will be fine after a few minutes, so that the smell will disappear.

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