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What are the main methods of surface treatment of plastic tableware

Update:04 Sep 2020

Professional plastic tableware companies will carry out […]

Professional plastic tableware companies will carry out business processing, plastic processing, plastic surface treatment, etc. Today we will learn about the main methods of plastic tableware surface treatment. The common surface treatments of plastic tableware include electroplating, oil spraying, printing, water transfer printing and other surface treatment processes. In our daily life, we should spray paint on the surface of plastics.

The purpose of spraying on plastic tableware products is to form a firm continuous coating on the surface to play its decorative, protective and other special functions. The crystallinity of the plastic has a greater impact on the adhesion of the paint film. High crystallinity means poor adhesion performance of the paint film, and low crystallinity means better adhesion of the surface coating. In addition, the surface energy of plastics is generally low (such as nylon and PP materials), which is not conducive to the adhesion of the coating, and the adhesion between the substrate and the coating is poor. The most direct effect of poor adhesion is the paint peeling off, which fails to achieve the desired effect of surface treatment.

In the actual production of coating, the method to effectively improve the adhesion is to improve the adhesion through the pretreatment process of the substrate. The common methods include corona, flame, polishing, adhesion promoters, etc., compared with electric fish and polishing In terms of other treatment methods, spraying a layer of Jiong treatment agent adhesion promoter between the substrate and the coating makes the process easier to operate, and the effect is more stable and controllable. Therefore, it is widely used in the coating industry. Efforts to wait for the test can also pass smoothly.

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