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Advantages and applications of plastic cutlery

Update:19 May 2020

1. Advantages of plastic cutlery 1. Lightweight and not […]

1. Advantages of plastic cutlery
1. Lightweight and not easy to break: The advantage of plastic cutlery is lightness, and the cup made of plastic is not easy to break.
2. Reusable: Plastic knives and forks can be re-used, it can be recycled and reused, reducing the pollution to the society, and can also be recycled to save energy.
3. High temperature resistance: The manufacturing process of plastic knives and forks is to preheat plastic sheets at high temperature, stretch forming, and blow air. In this process, the plastic cups are sterilized at high temperature to kill harmful bacteria and reduce the health of the human body. harm.

Second, the application of plastic knives and forks
Don't rush to use after getting the tableware, first wash it with vinegar or neutral detergent to remove the polishing wax left in the manufacturing and the marks left after contacting the product during packaging and transportation. Do not scrub with hard objects such as steel balls .

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