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Advantages and disadvantages of disposable fast food boxes used in daily life

Update:26 Nov 2020

Fast food boxes are popular with people because of thei […]

Fast food boxes are popular with people because of their convenience and can be seen everywhere in daily life. At present, most disposable snack boxes on the market are made of polystyrene and foaming agent extracted from oil. Polystyrene is a widely used polymer material with low toxicity, high melting point, strong plasticity, and easy production. It has become the material of choice for making disposable fast food boxes. However, in a normal environment, its degradation cycle can be as long as 200 years. In other words, the morphology of the polymer remains unchanged for a long period of time. It can be seen that the difficulty of degrading disposable plastic food boxes is the cause of "white pollution". In addition, as a foaming agent, Freon is recognized by the scientific community as the "culprit" of irreversible destruction of the ozone layer in the earth's atmosphere. According to a new study, polystyrene is a raw material for making disposable plastic lunch boxes and is a carcinogenic environmental hormone. Experiments show that this tableware can produce dioxins at 65°C, which is the "most ferocious" carcinogen mentioned by the media recently. It can be seen that disposable plastic food boxes are very harmful to the environment and health. With the further improvement of people's environmental awareness and their own health awareness, some new environmentally friendly lunch boxes have emerged. For example, the biodegradable lunch box is a more advanced environmentally friendly product. Using starch as the main raw material, plant fiber powder and special additives are added during the one-year growth period, and processed by chemical and physical methods to make a biodegradable snack box. Advantages: Starch is a biodegradable natural polymer, which is decomposed into glucose under the action of microorganisms, and finally water and carbon dioxide are produced. In addition, the material mixed with it is also a completely degradable material, which can be said to have no impact on the environment. Disadvantages: Biodegradable lunch boxes are not perfect.

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