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Advantages of disposable plastic tableware

Update:12 Jul 2021

Specifically, the characteristics of the tableware shou […]

Specifically, the characteristics of the tableware should be determined based on the material used to produce the tableware. What are the characteristics of this meal? It is nothing but cold resistance, heat resistance, microwaveability, degradability, stretchability, transparency, strength, hardness, abrasion resistance, etc.
The characteristics depend on the material. Currently, mainstream materials include PET, PP, BOPS, HIPS, etc. These materials can be used for food, and the annual output continues to increase. The characteristics of several materials are as follows.
BOPS has good rigidity, high strength and PP hardness; good rigidity, heat resistance and fluidity, PET has good transparency; good stability, toughness and friction resistance.
HIPS has good fluidity, high impact strength and good rigidity.

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