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Are plastic cutlery toxic? How to choose plastic cutlery

Update:09 Jun 2020

Three meals a day is a daily habit for all of us. Natur […]

Three meals a day is a daily habit for all of us. Naturally, we need to use tableware for eating, and the tableware contains many kinds, including: tableware, cutlery, dinner plates and so on. In fact, plastic cutlery and cutlery on the market are all kinds of things. Today, let's understand whether plastic cutlery is poisonous. How to choose plastic cutlery?
1. What is the material of plastic cutlery
Before understanding whether plastic knives and forks are poisonous, let's first understand what plastic knives and forks are. The so-called plastic cutlery is a kind of plastic, but it is a thermosetting plastic among plastics. It is odorless, has the advantages of bump resistance, corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance. The color of tableware made with it is still very beautiful. All in all, the overall performance is better.

2. Is the plastic knife and fork meal poisonous?
In fact, tableware is not poisonous. It is widely used in the fast food industry and children's catering industry due to its many characteristics such as light weight, beautiful appearance, and unbreakable. It is understood that tableware of this material meets the national food hygiene standards and the US FDA hygiene standards, so it has become the first choice of consumers in recent years. But one of the ingredients of the plastic knife and fork is melamine, so many people say that this melamine is not the culprit of the previous Sanlu milk powder poisoning incident? The melamine tableware should be toxic. Regarding this issue, in fact, qualified melamine tableware is non-toxic and safe as long as it is used correctly. Although plastic cutlery is a polymer of formaldehyde and melamine, if it is pure melamine resin, there is no problem. However, if the melamine tableware is used improperly, or if it is a substandard product, no one can guarantee it. In addition, it should be noted that tableware of this material must not be placed in a microwave oven for heating, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable.

3. How to choose plastic cutlery
Screening from the appearance, general high-quality plastic cutlery tableware, smooth surface, good gloss, bright and bright patterns, etc.; inferior melamine tableware is not only not smooth, poor gloss, dark color, unclear patterns, etc., test It is everyone's ability to discern.

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