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Are plastic tableware harmful to human body?

Update:01 Mar 2022

Although plastic tableware is very convenient to use an […]

Although plastic tableware is very convenient to use and cheap, it brings many benefits to our lives. It can not only store vegetables and fruits, but also meet our packing habits. However, plastic tableware is harmful to the human body and should be used as little as possible. What are the hazards of plastic tableware to the human body?
Some plastic tableware contains polystyrene, which releases carcinogens at high temperatures of 60 degrees Celsius. If a person uses it for a long time and ingests an excessive amount of carcinogen benzene, the body may be damaged. In addition, cheap plastic tableware contains industrial calcium carbonate, which contains lead, a heavy metal that is harmful to the human body. Excessive intake of lead will affect the central nervous system of the brain, and at the same time, the kidneys will also be damaged. For children, lead is a killer lurking in plastic tableware. Excessive intake will affect children's intellectual development, physical development, and verbal expression in severe cases. For the health of children, it is recommended to use as little plastic tableware as possible.
If plastic tableware is unqualified, it is very harmful. Pregnant women should use it carefully. Long-term use may affect the development of the fetus, and even lead to miscarriage in severe cases. In addition, people who are weak and have poor resistance are also advised to use less plastic tableware, because plastic tableware contains talcum powder, which can induce stone disease. Parents should pay attention to their own health, take good care of their children, and use less plastic tableware, especially disposable plastic tableware.

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