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Can a disposable lunch box that has been scalded and deformed be used?

Update:30 Sep 2021

Nowadays, many people like to sit in the office or at h […]

Nowadays, many people like to sit in the office or at home to order takeaway for lunch, but the most used disposable packaging boxes in restaurants are still foam or plastic. When the food is delivered to the office or home, careful observation reveals that these lunch boxes have been scalded and deformed. Then, can the food contained in such lunch boxes be edible? Will it be harmful to the human body?
Although the disposable foam lunch box has been lifted by the state, it shows that the parameters are still safe, but some citizens are still very worried. When eating at noon, Mr. Bai discovered that because the food was too hot, a hole in the foamed lunch box had been burnt out. The plastic ingredients were mixed with the food. In desperation, Mr. Bai had to dump it out. Dishes.
And such lunch boxes can be seen in large and small restaurants, and they also happen when they are scalded by food. However, some people clearly see plastic lunch boxes damaged, and they eat it in order to save a few money. Why are such lunch boxes often damaged? Often such lunch boxes are relatively cheap, and they are often found in some small vendors and stalls. The reason is mainly because of the raw materials of this kind of lunch box. The raw materials are also quite cheap, and the ability to withstand high temperatures is relatively weak, and the temperature of the food is relatively high when it is just out of the pot, which can easily cause damage to the lunch box.
A boss who used the modified lunch box said that there are also good lunch boxes on the market, but the prices are relatively expensive. Using a good lunch box on this basis and competing with peers will undoubtedly increase costs and make matters worse.
According to experts, this kind of plastic foamed lunch box is very harmful to the human body. When the temperature reaches 65 degrees, it may melt the lunch box and release toxic substances. When the toxic substances penetrate into the food, it is harmful to the human body Many organs are directly injured, and in Chinese dining culture, hot dishes are the most common. Even if there is no obvious melting phenomenon of lunch boxes, toxic substances may penetrate into the food. In the long run, it will be great for the body. harm.

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