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Can disposable tableware be heated in a microwave oven? How to choose tableware

Update:16 Aug 2021

Whether most disposable tableware will melt or not, it […]

Whether most disposable tableware will melt or not, it is best not to heat it. Some disposable lunch boxes can be heated. Although there are disposable lunch boxes made purely for heating, it is difficult for us to judge whether they can be heated. Therefore, I personally think that as long as there is no label on the lunch box that can be heated, it defaults to non-heating.
Disposable lunch boxes can only be used for light meals and cannot be used twice. The material of disposable lunch boxes is polystyrene, which is easy to melt in high temperature environment. It will deform at above 70°C. It is easy to be corroded by strong acids and alkalis and is not resistant to grease. It is easy to change color after being irradiated by ultraviolet rays.
The safety of foamed plastic tableware is related to the pH of the food, whether it contains oil, and the temperature. According to national regulations, foamed plastic lunch boxes should be used below 70°C, so it is best to use special microwave heating appliances for safety reasons.

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