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Disposable Foam Plastic Tableware

Update:20 Dec 2019

1. Introduction of disposable foam plastic tableware ma […]

1. Introduction of disposable foam plastic tableware materials:
Most of them use recycled materials, doped with a small amount of new materials, and then mix a certain amount of talc to produce the usual lunch box. Mixing recycled materials with new materials is a common practice for foam tableware companies, and the proportion of recycled materials is higher than new materials. Some factories import industrial plastic waste from abroad, process and extract it to produce polypropylene foam particles (that is, recycled materials), and then sell these particles to foam tableware factories as raw materials.

2.Why the lifting of foam plastic tableware
There are five reasons for the lifting of the ban announced by the National Development and Reform Commission:
1. Foam plastic tableware complies with the relevant standards of national food packaging appliances. The National Development and Reform Commission commissioned the Food Safety Institute of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention to conduct inspections in accordance with relevant national standards. The experimental results show that the foamed plastic tableware complies with the Sanitary Standards for Polyresin for Food Packaging and the Hygienic Standards for Polyformed Products for Food Packaging.
2, can be recycled after use. After recycling, the foamed plastic tableware can be reused after being recycled and processed, and can produce a variety of products such as building materials, coatings, stationery and so on.
3. Many countries and regions in the world have been using it. The vast majority of countries and regions except the Chinese mainland, such as the United States, the European Union, and Japan, have been producing and using foamed tableware, and are constantly developing new products for foamed plastic tableware.
4, can save oil resources. Foam plastic tableware is light in weight and has few consumables, which can reduce the consumption of raw materials and meet the concept of resource conservation.
5. The social environment has changed. With the economic and social progress, the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the continuous improvement of the environmental protection and urban sanitation regulations, the behavior of discarding garbage has been greatly reduced, the waste recycling system has been gradually established, and the level of comprehensive utilization of resources has been further improved. The environment in which foamed plastic tableware is used has changed a lot, and the NDRC believes that the time to lift the ban is basically mature.

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