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Do not throw disposable plastic tableware and turn waste into treasure

Update:21 Jun 2022

Don't throw disposable plastic tableware, share a few t […]

Don't throw disposable plastic tableware, share a few tips to turn waste into treasure. I believe that everyone will throw away the disposable plastic tableware after they are used up. It is recommended that you do not throw away these plastic tableware after use, and use them to turn waste into treasure, not only to prevent pests but also to decorate the garden. Take advantage of some disposable plastic spoons. I personally processed it into a yellow sunflower and inserted it into the soil of the garden. It can really be fake. No one would have thought that an ordinary disposable plastic spoon can be DIYed into a cartoon dragonfly. To make a few of these little dragonflies and place them on the grass in the garden is simply to add a bit of vitality to the garden.
These disposable plastic tableware can not only make beautiful, but also creative DIY small items. You can also use these disposable plastic cutlery to decorate the grass in the garden with a unique garden design. Not only can decorate the garden and make small DIY items, but also make some small fences of plants. Prevent some pests from trick-or-treating, and some cat-destroying trick-or-treating. These methods are very practical, you can try to decorate a small garden.

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