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Enamelware: Pregnant women recommend using less

Update:06 Sep 2019

Enamel is a composite material coated with a layer of v […]

Enamel is a composite material coated with a layer of vitreous enamel on a metal body and fired at a high temperature. It is widely used in daily necessities of consumers. Enamel is divided into two series of glass enamel and cast iron glass enamel. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance and easy cleaning, and the production cost is not high. However, improper use of enamelware may lead to lead poisoning. This is because the calcination temperature of enamel is much lower than that of glass, and the chemical properties are not very stable. In the case of enamel products, especially when the surface protective layer is detached, the presence of acidic substances may cause the lead content of the substances contained therein to exceed the standard. In particular, pregnant women should avoid using enamel utensils to drink hot beverages, acidic drinks or enamel utensils to hold other acidic foods to prevent various toxic metal elements from harming the mother and the fetus.

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