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How can plastic lunch boxes be fake (2)

Update:28 Apr 2020

1. Low-quality disposable plastic lunch boxes can be bo […]

1. Low-quality disposable plastic lunch boxes can be bought for a few cents because of their low prices, so they are welcomed by some small restaurants. For example, in the production of inferior meal boxes, a large amount of industrial grade calcium carbonate, talc, paraffin, and other toxic and hazardous materials are generally added, posing a direct threat to the health of users.
2. The counterfeit environmentally friendly plastic lunch box is soft and soft to touch, it will burst when it is torn lightly, and it will choke when it smells pungent, and it will easily leak when deformed by heat;
3. The counterfeit pulp meal box has poor strength, dark color, and severe oil and water seepage; there is no factory name, trademark, and production date on the packaging box and meal box;
4. The counterfeit lunch box is heavier than the qualified product, and it is easy to sink after being shredded in the water (the proportion of the qualified product is less than 1 and will not sink);
5. The price is cheap, generally below 0.10 yuan, and the price of the real environmentally friendly lunch box is above 0.13 yuan.

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