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How to buy plastic water cup tips

Update:23 Jun 2020

Purchase plastic tableware in regular shopping malls or […]

Purchase plastic tableware in regular shopping malls or supermarkets. At the time of purchase, it is necessary to recognize whether the product has a formal manufacturer and whether there is a QS mark. Try not to choose a glass with a heavier color to prevent it from accentuating the color to cover up harmful impurities. Today we will learn how to buy plastic water cups.
1. See if the bottle wall is transparent and pure. Poor quality plastic products will be sticky and astringent if not washed cleanly;

2. Smell. Poor-quality products have a pungent smell, even if they are filled with beverages or food, they can be smelled from the outside without opening the lid;

3. look at the hardness. Good plastic containers are thick and have good hardness. They will not deform excessively when pressed inward by hand;

4. Look at the gloss. Good plastic containers have a shiny appearance, and inferior ones are a bit dark.

5. When distinguishing, you can also pour hot water into the plastic water cup to see if the bottle is deformed or smelly, and upside down repeatedly to check whether the bottle is well sealed.

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