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How to choose children's tableware material? (1)

Update:15 Mar 2019

Imitation porcelain tableware - practical but quality i […]

Imitation porcelain tableware - practical but quality is difficult to protect
Mom assured: the texture is soft, smooth like porcelain but very thin, not afraid of falling and deformation, the performance of insulation is also very good, and not hot.
My mother's worry: the melamine tableware is more complicated to make, so it is easy to adulterate. Many companies use toxic urea-formaldehyde molding powder instead of the normal resin raw material melamine as a raw material, because the price difference between the two raw materials per ton is nearly 10,000 yuan.
Advice for Mom: The bottom of regular melamine tableware has corporate details and production license QS logo and serial number. Also depends on whether the product is evenly colored, deformed, and smooth. After buying home, boil for half an hour with boiling water, and then cook for half an hour for half an hour. Repeat four times. If there are white and black spots, it is a defective product.

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