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How to choose plastic lunch boxes correctly

Update:10 Oct 2020

First, clearly understand the purpose of buying plastic […]

First, clearly understand the purpose of buying plastic lunch boxes. Before buying, you must know what you are buying a lunch box for, because you can buy different lunch boxes for different purposes, so you can save a lot of costs.

Second, identify product raw materials and sanitation. After you know the usefulness of your purchase, you must pay attention to the safety of the product. Then the safety mainly lies in the raw materials of the product, especially the plastic raw material. Different raw materials have different characteristics, such as heat resistance. Some raw materials encounter The high temperature will melt and release toxic substances, so you must pay attention when buying.

Third, there is the practicality of plastic lunch boxes. Because lunch boxes are mainly used for storing things, like some insurance lunch boxes, if they are placed in a refrigerator or storage cabinet, they are easily restricted by limited space. Therefore, the size of the lunch box must be taken into account when buying, so as not to Unnecessary troubles in future life.

Fourth, the tightness of the plastic lunch box. Especially for insurance lunch boxes, the sealing performance is very important. The excellent sealing performance can ensure that the food can be kept fresh, and can also avoid the influence of external air and moisture.

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