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How to choose plastic tableware

Update:13 Dec 2021

Any plastic that feels sticky to the touch, hard to bur […]

Any plastic that feels sticky to the touch, hard to burn in case of fire, has a green flame when burning, and has a nasty smell is polyvinyl chloride and cannot be used as a food container. Do not choose brightly colored plastic tableware. According to tests, the color patterns of some plastic tableware have excessive release of heavy metal elements such as lead and cadmium. Therefore, try to choose plastic tableware that has no decorative patterns and is colorless and tasteless.
Plastics are mostly made of polyvinyl chloride. This chemical substance releases toxic substances when exposed to high temperatures, which is harmful to health when it enters the body with food.
According to the US “Environmental Observation” magazine, a synthetic chemical substance widely found in plastic toys, milk bottles, cosmetics and other plastic consumer products, phthalates, may harm the reproductive organs of baby boys. Affect the development of children's sexual characteristics, and even cause cancer of the reproductive system. Almost at the same time, a paper published in "Endocrinology Monthly" pointed out that phenol methane, also a commonly used chemical in plastic products, may cause breast cancer in women.

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