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How to choose safe disposable paper cups and lunch box products?

Update:06 Apr 2021

1. It depends on the color: when we are buying paper cu […]

1. It depends on the color: when we are buying paper cups, we should choose products with lighter printing colors. However, if the color of the paper product is too white, try not to use it. Maybe a large amount of fluorescent whitening agent is added to it or there are impurities in it. It will easily affect the body after using it for a long time. The cold and hot drink cups should also be distinguished. The cold drink cups are mainly used to hold frozen drinks and carbonated drinks. Compared with the hot drink cup, the side and bottom seals of the paper cup cannot tolerate higher temperatures. If hot water is added to the cup, it may leak when the temperature is higher, causing burns and other hazards.
2. It depends on the stiffness: generally good paper cup boxes are very hard and resilient; inferior paper cup boxes have no resilience and will be very soft after pinching. Therefore, we can pinch when we are shopping, and it is recommended to buy A paper cup box with a stiff cup body.
3. It depends on the material: some paper cup boxes look thicker. Although food-grade base paper is used on the surface, cardboard paper is used in the middle layer. It is recommended to tear it apart to see if its faulty surface is yellow or contains more Impurities.
4. Smell the smell: When we pour it into hot water during use, if it produces a strange smell, stop using it. This may be due to the pyrolysis of recycled polyethylene during processing, and many compounds volatilize when exposed to high temperatures and easily migrate into the water.
5. Look at the logo: For now, production license management has been implemented for some paper products. The QS logo and number should be marked on the product, packaging and manual, and the method of use, precautions, environment, and Use and temperature, etc. The above is the editor's introduction on how to choose safe enough disposable paper cups and lunch boxes.

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