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How to choose various tableware?(2)

Update:16 Nov 2021

2. Glass tableware: "Crystal glass" has many hidden dan […]

2. Glass tableware: "Crystal glass" has many hidden dangers
The glass meal has the characteristics of high hardness, stable chemical performance, smooth and easy-to-clean surface, and environmental protection. The glass tableware is clean and hygienic and does not contain toxic substances.
Crystal glass tableware is a threatening source of lead pollution. Since the lead oxide content in crystal products is as high as 20-30%, it will not cause lead poisoning if it is used to hold water. However, if it is used to hold wine, the wine will dissolve the lead in crystal glass products, and the longer it will dissolve The more the amount.
Similarly, when crystal glass containers are used to hold food, especially cola, honey, juice and acidic foods, lead ions are also easy to form soluble lead salts that are ingested by the human body with beverages or food, which seriously harms health. Therefore, crystal glass products are called "beautiful killers" by scientists.
3. Plastic tableware: "Colorful" is not healthy
In the tableware market, plastic products have the advantages of being lighter and not fragile, and are fighting against glass products. However, the hidden health hazards and safety issues of plastic tableware have always been the focus of attention.
Many plastic tableware have beautiful color patterns on the surface. If the metal elements such as lead and cadmium in the pattern exceed the standard, it will cause harm to the human body. There is a protective film on the surface of general plastic products. Once this film is scratched by a hard tool, harmful substances will be released.
The surface of inferior plastic tableware is often not smooth, and harmful substances can easily leak out. Therefore, consumers should try their best to choose plastic tableware that has no decorative patterns, is colorless and tasteless, has a smooth surface and a strong feel.
4. Imitation porcelain tableware should be used and cleaned properly
The scientific name of melamine tableware is melamine tableware, which is molded by heating and pressing melamine resin powder. Because of its excellent solvent resistance; the product surface has the characteristics of flatness, non-toxic, odorless, drop resistance, and automatic arc extinguishing. In recent years, it has been widely used in tableware, daily necessities, etc.

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