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How to distinguish black lunch boxes

Update:22 Sep 2020

1. The first step in identifying black fast food boxes […]

1. The first step in identifying black fast food boxes is "look"
Firstly, it depends on whether there is a QS logo and number on the lunch box; secondly, it also depends on whether the surface of the lunch box is smooth, with or without impurities or spots. Generally speaking, transparent plastic lunch boxes are made of pure polypropylene (PP), which has a relatively high safety factor; brightly colored lunch boxes may use waste plastic, so the darker the color, the more unsafe. In addition, whether the size of the fast food box is the same as the manufacturer, and whether the trademark of the lid and the base are consistent, and other details to determine whether the fast food box is safe and reliable.
2. Identify the black fast food box, the second step "touch"
Touch the strength of the lunch box. Lunch boxes made with recycled waste or a large amount of industrial-grade calcium carbonate and talcum powder are used. The strength is generally very poor, and it will break when you tear it lightly. Some fast food boxes are very hard to touch, but the fast food box is broken when you tear it with your hands. This is also not up to the requirements. The fast food box can generally be treated with high temperature. You can take the fast food box to heat it and touch it again. If it feels deformed very quickly, it means it is not in compliance with the regulations.
3. Identify the black fast food box, the third step "smell"
Smell whether the lunch box has any peculiar smell, the qualified lunch box will not smell it. The best way to test is to see if there is any peculiar smell after heating. There are some fast food boxes made by illegal businesses that have no peculiar smell at room temperature, but they will appear under high temperature. This is not ok!

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