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How to distinguish the quality of disposable plastic lunch boxes?

Update:10 Nov 2020

The disposable plastic lunch box does have a lot of con […]

The disposable plastic lunch box does have a lot of convenience in life. It does not need to be washed. It is very convenient for restaurants and for use at home. However, there are many fake products in the current society. Has caused a certain amount of harm to their health, so how do we distinguish?
If you want a better identification, first of all, you must choose the quality of the product. Don't choose some privately sold products for the sake of cheapness. This is likely to bury your health in danger, and then you must identify the product. Whether there is an odor, etc. These odors may be small, but they are very harmful to us, so we must choose well.
The last thing to be distinguished is not to look at the disposable chopsticks that are white, and feel very clean. In fact, too white is not good, so don’t choose with your own self-righteousness. Learn more about this knowledge, so as to bring us Greater benefits and convenience, thereby protecting our health problems.

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