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How to eat western food and precautions

Update:20 Mar 2020

Western food is becoming more and more popular in China […]

Western food is becoming more and more popular in China. Everyone will take their children to Western food and teach them some etiquette. Today, the cake knife and fork editor brought everyone to understand how to eat western food and precautions.

1. At the Western banquet, there are two ways to eat meat dishes: one is to eat while cutting; the other is to cut the meat first, then place the knife on the right side of the dinner plate and use only a fork to take it. food. The former is an ancient European habit, while the latter is an American style.

2. When eating fish, cut it from the middle of the fish, remove the fishbone from both sides, and slowly enjoy the fish. Meatloaf, omelette, and salad, no knife, only fork. The gravy in the meat dish can be eaten with bread. Bread should be eaten with fingers. Chips, cutlets, and regular sandwiches are eaten by hand, just like bread. Take food by hand, only use your thumb and forefinger to grab, and wipe with a small towel placed in front of you after use. For dessert, use a fork or spoon.

3. When eating soup, eat with a spoon. The correct posture of holding a spoon is: Hold the spoon with your thumb, and gently drag the other finger to the other side. When simmering soup, simmer outwards from the plate. When the soup in the plate is not long, use your left hand to slightly tilt the soup plate out and use a spoon to scoop it up.

4. To eat fruit, don't just bite it whole, but use a fruit knife to cut the fruit into four to six pieces, remove the core, and eat with your hands. After eating bananas, peel them and put them on a dinner plate. Cut them one by one with a knife and fork. When eating fruit, a small water bowl is sometimes provided for washing your hands. During the meal, if you can't reach the seasonings and other things, you can ask others to pass them over, of course, you can help others pass, and the right hand is used.

5. If there is something to leave temporarily during the meal, please place the napkin on a chair, place the knife and fork in a figure-eight shape, and center it on a plate. After the meal, place the knife and fork side by side on the plate on the right side.

6. After the chicken, lobster or all Western dishes are served at the banquet, it is coffee and tea. The way to drink coffee and tea is to use a small teaspoon to stir and put the sugar. After mixing, return the teaspoon to the original place. Do not put the teaspoon in a tea cup or use a teaspoon to drink. When drinking, hold the cup in your right hand, hold the cup in your left hand, and then use the cup to open the mouth.

7. After drinking coffee and tea, the Western banquet is over, and guests can start to leave.

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