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How to ensure the safe use of disposable lunch boxes?

Update:25 Apr 2021

In this fast food era, disposable lunch boxes are close […]

In this fast food era, disposable lunch boxes are closely related to our lives, and safety and environmental protection are particularly important. How can consumers ensure the safety of disposable lunch boxes?
1. Choose a supplier with a good reputation and check the source of the product in detail.
2. The bottom or lid of the regular product should be rubbed with QS certification number and material identification symbol, such as ‘’ symbol, representing PP material.
3. If you don't know the performance of the product, try to avoid using it at a high temperature exceeding 80 degrees Celsius.
4. When purchasing, it is best to choose a transparent product with high safety factor.
5. There is no odor when heated, and it is not deformed and softened into a safe lunch box.

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