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How to quickly identify whether disposable tableware is qualified or not?

Update:21 Jul 2022

see packaging First of all, let's look at the outer pac […]

see packaging
First of all, let's look at the outer packaging. Generally, there will be labels printed on the plastic film on the outside of regular tableware, showing the manufacturer's name, trademark, address and telephone number, production date, shelf life and other production information, QS logo, production license number, The inspection and certification of the health supervision department, etc.
Sensory look at tableware
After opening the package, look at the appearance of the tableware to see if there is any damage, whether there is any food residue from before, and whether there is a pungent odor if you smell it. There will be a strong odor residue, and if the grease remains, there will be a bad odor.
The sensory reading is not enough. At this time, try to touch it with your hands. If there is water or astringency, it means that the tableware is not cleaned thoroughly, that is, it is not qualified. So we need another set.
Don't forget chopsticks
Speaking of tableware, let’s talk about chopsticks. Many people think that disposable chopsticks are more hygienic and safe when eating out. However, some small workshops use inferior wood in order to reduce costs. To "whiten" chopsticks, speculative lawbreakers use sulfur fumigation to bleach them. When eating with such chopsticks, the residual sulfur dioxide enters the body with it. After getting the disposable chopsticks, check whether the name, trademark and contact information of the manufacturer are printed on the package; those disposable chopsticks that are too white are unreliable; you can also smell the smell of the chopsticks, if there is any sour Sulfur smell, it is best not to use. Do not soak wooden chopsticks in hot soup or porridge for a long time when eating, as this will accelerate the decomposition of sulfur dioxide. The surface of chopsticks can be washed with cold water to reduce residual sulfur dioxide.

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