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How to remove odor from plastic tableware

Update:14 Mar 2022

Plastic tableware will have an unpleasant odor after be […]

Plastic tableware will have an unpleasant odor after being used for a long time, so it is necessary to clean the tableware after daily use. The following are effective ways to remove odor, parents can mark it!
1. Milk deodorization method: The peculiar smell of the tableware can be removed with milk. The specific operation method is to clean the tableware first, then pour an appropriate amount of milk into the tableware, cover the lid, and shake it back and forth several times to make each position of the box. If they are stained with milk, pour the milk out after a minute, so that the plastic utensils can be cleaned.
2. Orange peel deodorization method: first clean the plastic tableware with detergent, then put a small amount of orange peel in the box, cover it for 3-4 hours, brush it with a brush, so that the tableware odor can be removed .
3. Use waste tea leaves to remove peculiar smell: The fish will have a fishy smell after plastic tableware has been installed. You can use tea leaves to remove the peculiar smell. The operation method is to scrub the tableware with waste tea leaves first, and then rinse it with water, so that the tableware odor will be removed.
4. Soak in salt water: Salt water has a disinfecting effect. Washing tableware with peculiar smell can remove the peculiar smell. Use a small amount of salt and heated water to rinse each time.

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