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How to reuse waste tableware? (1)

Update:07 May 2020

1. Plastic tableware "melting method" and other technol […]

1. Plastic tableware "melting method" and other technologies are mature
At the ventilation meeting, Qian Guijing held a white photo frame and showed it to everyone. He told reporters that this is a product of recycling disposable plastic foam tableware. According to the reporter's observation, the appearance and weight of the product are the same as those of ordinary plastic frames. "The enterprise that produces this picture frame has an annual turnover of 800 million yuan. Its garden tables and chairs are exported to Germany. In fact, the acceptance standards in Germany are relatively high, which also means that these waste tableware are used for secondary The raw material products are not inferior in quality to ordinary products. "Xu Beilei, former director of the Science and Technology Department of China National Light Industry Council and deputy director of the Office of the National Plastic Tableware Joint Conference, excitedly introduced to reporters. "Through the melting method, it is possible to reuse discarded disposable foam plastic tableware, not only to produce photo frames, office supplies, floors, manhole covers, but also to process into tables and chairs commonly used in gardens, etc. in Putuo District and Kunshan in Shanghai. There are production companies that make use of this technology, "said Li Peisheng, Honorary Chairman of the Green Packaging Branch of the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences, Chairman of the Circular Economy Branch (Preparation) of the China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Promotion Association, and the former Deputy Director of the National Packaging Improvement Office of the State Council.

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