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How to reuse waste tableware? (2)

Update:13 May 2020

One, two, plastic tableware processed into plastic part […]

One, two, plastic tableware processed into plastic particles
Example: About 95% of the recycled lunch boxes in Shanghai are processed into plastic particles in the local Kunshan Baolv Plastic Resources Recycling Co., Ltd. The rest is processed in Putuo District Waste Utilization Center. In the first four years of operation only, Shanghai used recycled disposable plastic lunch boxes to regenerate 2892.5 tons of plastic particles.

Third, the use of plastic tableware foam reduction method
More than 95% of a foamed lunch box is air, and after volume reduction, it is sent to the designated place for processing.

4. Plastic tableware is processed by Japanese RDF technology
This is domestic waste processed by Japanese RDF technology, and it is made into a burning rod after eight processes. Through this technology, no matter how much oil is on the meal box, it can be extruded through high pressure and made into a burning rod, which can be used for waste power generation. This treatment technology is still being tested. The China Plastics Processing Industry Association has already Take 3000 kilograms of waste foam tableware for experiment.

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