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How to use disposable tableware to be safe?

Update:30 Jun 2022

When disposable plastic tableware leaves the factory, t […]

When disposable plastic tableware leaves the factory, the microbial indicators tested are qualified, but when used, the microorganisms exceed the standard. The climate environment of high temperature and high humidity is conducive to the growth of microorganisms. Therefore, if disposable plastic tableware is stored or used improperly, it is prone to excess. microorganism.
Some snack bars and restaurants expose disposable plastic tableware to the air for a long time, or place them close to the cooking food, and the microorganisms on the paper bowls are easy to grow rapidly.
It is especially important to note that some small noodle restaurants and snack bars put the seasonings in disposable plastic cutlery in advance in order to facilitate packaging, waiting to be used. If such tableware is left for a period of time, it is easy to breed microorganisms. This is man-made to put "poison" on disposable plastic tableware, which is harmful to health. Therefore, it is recommended that when the disposable plastic tableware is loaded with small noodles, hot and sour powder and other foods, it is best to add seasonings.

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