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How to use plastic cutlery correctly

Update:10 Mar 2022

Plastic tableware will release toxins in the case of hi […]

Plastic tableware will release toxins in the case of high temperature, which will cause harm to human health. You should pay more attention when using it. How should mothers use plastic tableware correctly?
Use according to the advantages and disadvantages of plastic tableware
Plastic tableware has the advantages of light weight, beautiful appearance and not easy to break, but it also has the disadvantages of not being heat resistant and not being in contact with grease (especially PVC material). When using plastic cutlery, it is recommended not to use it to hold hot things, especially baby's milk and other food. Pregnant mothers are best not to use plastic tableware, it is recommended to use ceramic tableware instead. In fact, under normal circumstances, plastic tableware will not release toxic substances, because it is made of non-toxic polyethylene, polypropylene and melamine, and it is resistant to acid and alkali. As long as it is used correctly, there is no need to worry too much about its harm.
Do not hold oily acidic and alkaline foods for a long time
Although qualified plastic tableware is resistant to acid and alkali, it is also toxic under strong acid and alkali. It is recommended not to use plastic tableware to hold acidic and alkaline food for a long time. In addition, oily food is also the natural enemy of plastic tableware. Contact between the two will cause plastic tableware to release harmful chemicals and harm the human body.
Newly bought plastic tableware should be cleaned with vinegar
The plastic tableware has just been bought and may have a little odor. In order to remove the odor, it can be washed with milk or washed with vinegar. After cleaning, it is best to soak it in boiling water to release harmful substances. In order to avoid plastic tableware containing bacteria, it should be washed regularly, preferably once after each use, and rinsed with boiling water.

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