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Is it toxic to heat plastic cutlery?

Update:17 Jan 2022

We first need to know what will be added to the plastic […]

We first need to know what will be added to the plastic lunch box? Yes, there is a substance called a plasticizer. Plasticizers can enhance the flexibility of plastics and make them easier to process and plasticize. They have been widely used in industry. Therefore, plastic products are easily released after heating. At present, the commonly used plasticizers in the market are DBP, DEHP, DINP and DIDP, etc.
Each plastic has its heat resistance limit. Among the materials for food use, polypropylene (PP) is currently the most heat-resistant, which can withstand 140 °C, followed by polyethylene (PE), which can withstand heat at 110 °C, while polystyrene ( PS) can only be heat-resistant to 90 ℃. At present, plastic lunch boxes for microwave ovens on the market are mainly made of PP or PE. If the temperature exceeds their heat resistance limit, the plasticizer may be released. Therefore, long-term heating of plastic lunch boxes at high temperatures should be avoided to reheat food.

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