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Is regular use of plastic tableware harmful to the body?

Update:15 Mar 2021

According to relevant national regulations, the product […]

According to relevant national regulations, the production enterprises of disposable tableware must reach a certain scale, using straw and pulp as raw materials, and the disinfection process must implement national standards.

Many small enterprises or small workshops do not have the relevant conditions stipulated by the state, so they produce unqualified and inferior products, and because of the low cost and low price, they have become the first choice for individuals or small food units, and these inferior disposable tableware are the biggest hidden dangers It means that the sanitation is not up to standard and contains harmful chemicals.

Disposable plastic tableware generally uses PP as a raw material, and some additives are appropriately added. At room temperature, these materials have strong stability and can ensure safety. However, if the temperature is too high, it is difficult to directly control the temperature, and the raw materials or additives may decompose and melt due to the ultra-high temperature, releasing elements that affect human health.

Harmful substances will be dissolved in food, and long-term intake will cause indigestion and liver disease. If the tableware contains industrial paraffin, it may cause cancer.

How to choose qualified disposable tableware Disposable tableware is used everywhere in the market. How should consumers pay attention to safe consumption? Experts emphasize that when buying food, breakfast, etc., consumers should not ignore the packaging materials of the food in addition to the taste. Use as little or no disposable tableware as possible.

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