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Manufacturing method of plastic tableware production equipment

Update:21 Jul 2020

With the improvement of people’s living standards, the […]

With the improvement of people’s living standards, the amount of disposable plastic tableware is increasing, and the demand for plastic tableware such as cutlery is also increasing. At present, in the production process of plastic tableware, after injection molding by an injection molding machine, generally The plastic tableware products are taken out to the belt by a robot, and then the products are superimposed and combined manually, and then manually packaged with a packaging machine, which does not achieve complete production and packaging automation. Today we will learn about the production method of plastic tableware production equipment.
1. Plastic tableware is currently facing problems
Employing manual production and packaging has low efficiency and high cost, and the counting errors of packaged products are prone to occur when manual packaging is performed, resulting in inconsistent quantities of packaged products, poor product consistency, and customer complaints.

2. Manufacturing method of plastic tableware production equipment
In order to solve the shortcomings of the prior art, the present invention discloses a production equipment that realizes the fully automated production and packaging of plastic tableware. A plastic tableware production equipment, which is characterized by comprising: an injection molding machine, a material transfer machine and a packaging machine,
1. Injection molding machine, used to produce plastic tableware of set shape;
2. A material transfer machine is used to take out plastic tableware from the injection molding machine and transfer it to the packaging machine. The material transfer machine includes a take-out manipulator and a jig set on the take-out manipulator;
3. The packaging machine is used to pack the plastic tableware conveyed by the conveyor;
4. A slitting roller is arranged in front of the rubber covering roller, a slitting assembly is arranged above the slitting roller, and a traction roller, a cross-cutting roller and a hopper are arranged on the front side of the slitting assembly.
5. A pushing component is reserved on the chain conveying component.
6. The product taken out by the take-out manipulator is directly placed on the supporting block of the conveying assembly.
7. The packaging machine is made up of two rolls of film, which are sealed up and down on four sides.
8. An edge material winding component is arranged below the traction roller, and the edge material winding component is used to wind up the edge material.
9. Both the upward guide plate and the forward guide plate play a role in blocking, heightening and positioning the inserted products.
10. The packaging machine is a rolling packaging machine.
11. The slitting assembly is controlled by a handle and a handle.
12. The plastic film forming and four-sided sealing are all done on the rubber-coated roller.
13. The plastic tableware refers to plastic products such as plastic knives, forks or spoons.
14. The beneficial effects are: by providing a production equipment for plastic tableware, the production and packaging of plastic tableware are fully automated, production efficiency is improved, production and packaging costs are reduced, and counting errors during product packaging are eliminated, and the Improved product packaging consistency and improved customer satisfaction.

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