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Market analysis of disposable tableware

Update:01 Jun 2021

Regarding how the times change, the catering industry i […]

Regarding how the times change, the catering industry is an industry that never goes out of fashion, and the tableware industry that is closely related to it is an industry that never sets for gold. Disposable crystal tableware is also rapidly emerging as a new type of fast-moving consumer goods industry related to the catering industry! So what is the prospect of the disposable crystal tableware market? It has become an open secret that disinfection of tableware is not disinfected. News often broke the phenomenon of black workshops for disinfecting tableware, washing hundreds of dishes in one water, using prohibited detergents, secondary pollution after tableware washing, and only washing but not disinfecting, etc., which made the entire tableware industry smog. The lack of supervision in the disinfection tableware industry has caused many underground workshops to fish in troubled waters, causing the entire industry to fall into the freezing point of consumption. What consumers have in mind is helplessness. According to investigations by relevant departments, the pass rate of sterilized tableware in the entire market is less than 25%. In the recent period, countless people have been inspected and ordered to rectify. So where is the problem? Many people who have paid attention to this industry or consumers who have used sterilized tableware will know about it. It is because the market for sterilized tableware is very large, and the profit-driven non-standard operation leads to chaos. Relevant departments of the national government have begun to vigorously manage, and some regions have ordered the suspension of disinfection tableware, and the withdrawal of disinfection tableware from the market is the general trend. As a new type of disposable tableware substitute product, disinfection tableware withdrawing from the market is a general trend. As a new alternative to disposable tableware.

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