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Plastic products manufacturers gradually occupy a leading position in the market

Update:22 Mar 2021

In the process of today’s economic changes in the world […]

In the process of today’s economic changes in the world, in the plastic bottle industry, the structure of the domestic industry is also in a state of constant upgrading, and in the current process of industrial upgrading, many value-added industries will suffer. All kinds of difficult problems in operation are unprecedented challenges, and will face all kinds of difficulties. In today's society, we can speak according to the plastic bottle enterprises in the storm of transformation.

The development of its plastic bottles is facing various problems. We can give you a careful analysis. For plastic bottles, it is a labor-intensive industry. In the current labor cost, it is constantly rising. In terms of enterprises, labor costs are under tremendous pressure, and the prices of raw materials are constantly rising, and they will also be subject to the continuous rise of various costs in the market. The rise of raw materials is very obvious, and It will also bring another layer of pressure to the enterprise.

Along with the European debt crisis and the world’s economic weakness, foreign trade orders for plastic bottles are gradually declining. Many foreign trade companies are constantly turning to the domestic market, which brings to the already highly competitive plastic bottle market. Under great pressure, and the price war is getting more and more severe, the profits for the enterprise are also becoming lower and lower.

Some of these plastic bottle manufacturers, in the current various pressure situations, should take the road of industrial upgrading, and also need to take the path of innovation in the field of plastic packaging, which will continue to increase the added value of plastic bottles. And every link in the production, design and sales of plastic bottles is constantly improving.

There are two main manufacturing methods for plastic packaging bottles, extrusion blow molding and injection blow molding. The main injection molding process of plastic packaging bottles is that in the process of injection molding, the main molds used for molding plastic bottles include two kinds of female molds and male molds. Use an injection molding machine to inject the plastic melt into the cavity of the mold under high pressure. When opening the cavity, be sure to remove the male mold from the female mold and eject the bottle. The following mainly introduces the characteristics of injection blow molding of plastic packaging bottles.

1. The melt of the plastic packaging bottle is injected into the parison mold, and the surroundings inside the cavity are subjected to the corresponding orientation effect. In addition, the ambient temperature of parison blow molding is lower than that of extrusion blow molding, and the orientation effect produced during the blow molding process can be retained a lot. This phenomenon can improve the overall strength of the plastic packaging bottle. performance.

2. The size of the plastic packaging bottle is accurate and precise, and it is easier to ensure that the thickness of the plastic bottle wall is uniform and the specifications are the same according to the manufacturing requirements.

3. The surface of the plastic packaging bottle will not form a joint seam, and it does not need to be trimmed after molding. Under normal circumstances, there will be no residual material at the corners, and the leftover material produced by extrusion blow molding is generally 5-30%. The gloss of plastic packaging bottles is relatively high, and the transparency of plastic packaging bottles produced by using transparent polymers is higher.

4. A sliding bottom module can be designed on the blow mold of the plastic packaging bottle, so the flexibility of the bottom shape design of the plastic packaging is relatively large. It is more suitable for the manufacture of molded printed plastic bottles and wide-mouth plastic bottles.

5. Under normal circumstances, most of the plastic packaging bottles used for injection blow molding are relatively small plastic bottles. For products with very complex shapes, the energy consumption rate will increase significantly.

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