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Plastic tableware has a choice! (2)

Update:29 Jun 2019

Metal elements such as lead and cadmium in the surface […]

Metal elements such as lead and cadmium in the surface pattern of many plastic tableware can cause harm to the human body. On the surface of a typical plastic product, there is a protective film. Once the film is scratched, harmful substances are released. Therefore, consumers should try to choose plastic tableware without decorative patterns, colorless and odorless, smooth surface and strong hand feeling. Consumers can choose plastic products with the words PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) on the goods, which is safer.
Experts believe that plastic wrap, wallpaper, water pipes and toy supplies, etc., contain plasticizers such as vinyl chloride added to enhance the hardness of plastic products. These things should be avoided to contact oily foods or heating, otherwise it will be in plasticizers. Harmful substances are dissolved.
In addition, kitchen appliances are recommended to choose high-heat resistant polypropylene products, such as polypropylene preservative cover for microwave ovens, which are not toxic when covered with microwave heating; it should also avoid storing wax, detergent, etc. in plastic cans because These chemical gases evaporate and penetrate the plastic material, which is detrimental to the body.

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