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PP material blister environmental protection disposable lunch box

Update:09 Aug 2021

Currently, there are three main types of tableware used […]

Currently, there are three main types of tableware used in the catering industry:
One is traditional porcelain tableware, which is generally used in large hotels and is disinfected by the hotel itself;
The second is the sealed disinfection tableware, which is disinfected by the disinfection company, and is mostly used by medium-scale restaurants;
The third is disposable plastic tableware, mostly for small restaurants, night markets, and breakfast spots for customers free of charge.
According to insiders in the food and beverage disinfection industry, according to current laws and regulations, a centralized disinfection company for catering equipment does not need to obtain a sanitation license, but only needs to obtain an industrial and commercial business license to operate.
As a result, many small companies that do not have the conditions have also entered this industry. In order to keep costs down as much as possible, many companies have "secretly" reduced the necessary sanitary facilities and equipment, which has led to the centralized disinfection and sanitation of tableware in our city in recent years. Worrying. At present, the emerging corn starch disposable tableware has been thoroughly disinfected at 300 degrees for three times and the new imported PP material blister environmentally friendly lunch box "healthy lunch box" disposable advanced environmentally friendly lunch box, the product meets the national QS hygiene standards, the lunch box can be directly put into the microwave oven Heating, refrigeration, free printing of concave and convex shop logos. One time. It seems that cornstarch and PP material blister and environmentally friendly disposable lunch boxes will gradually replace sterilized tableware.

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