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Precautions for plastic knife and fork molds before use and maintenance

Update:07 Jul 2020

In the production process of plastic knives and forks, […]

In the production process of plastic knives and forks, the use of plastic knife and fork molds is indispensable. Today we will come to understand the pre-use and maintenance precautions of plastic knife and fork molds.
1. Matters needing attention before use of knife, fork and spoon moulds
1. Check that there is no debris in the mold cavity and core.
2. Check the normal operation of the ejector mechanical system.
3. Check that the mold gate is not blocked by debris and the cooling system is normal.
4. Check whether the mold safety side lock is open, etc.

Second, knife, fork, spoon mold maintenance matters
1. After the mold is used, the cavity and core are cleaned, and no debris can be left, so as not to damage the surface of the mold, and spray anti-rust agent.
2. No cooling water can be left in the mold cooling system. Be sure to clean it up to prevent the mold from rusting and blocking the waterway.
3. The mechanical standard parts of the mold should be coated with lubricating oil, for example: guide post-thimble-reset lever-lower guide post, etc.
4. After the mold is closed, cover it with a dust cloth to prevent dust from entering the mold and causing the mold to rust.

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