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Six points to pay attention to when buying disposable plastic tableware

Update:09 May 2022

First, look at the logo. To see if there is QS logo, pr […]

First, look at the logo. To see if there is QS logo, production license number, manufacturer, production address and other information to improve product quality assurance. Disposable tableware manufacturers Second, look at the packaging. Choose well-packaged products, pay attention to the production date and shelf life, and try to choose products within the shelf life to prevent bacteria and mold.
Third, look at the appearance. To buy disposable plastic tableware with smooth surface and uniform color, try to choose colorless and transparent products without decorative patterns. Fourth, smell the smell. You can smell it first to see if there is any odor or odor, so as to prevent it from being mixed with the food during use and affecting food safety.
Fifth, look at the hardness. Whether the product is too soft when pinched, try not to choose a product that is too soft when pinched.
6. The "BPA-free" label means the product does not contain bisphenol A, a synthetic compound linked to a range of health problems, from cardiovascular disease to brain dysplasia and an increased risk of certain cancers; BPA is the plastic industry One of the most widely used chemicals in tin, from dental sealants to cash register receipts and tin can liners.

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