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Tableware material affects your health. Please pay attention to the purchase (1)

Update:13 Jul 2019

First, ceramic tableware: don't choose "glaze color" Ce […]

First, ceramic tableware: don't choose "glaze color"
Ceramic tableware is versatile, delicate, smooth, colorful and easy to clean. It is the choice of most households to buy tableware. However, the glaze on the ceramic surface may become a healthy killer. Lead, mercury, radium, cadmium, etc. in the glaze are all harmful elements.
The manufacturing methods of ceramic tableware are divided into three types: glaze color, glaze color and underglaze color. The glaze color ceramic is made of pigment paper on the glaze surface or directly painted on the surface of the product, and then baked at low temperature. Since the baking temperature does not reach the melting degree of the glaze layer, the flower surface cannot be sunken. In the glaze, touch the glazed ceramic on the hand, and the flower surface has obvious concave and convex feeling. The baking temperature of the glazed ceramics can melt the glaze, the pigment can sink into the glaze, and after being cooled, it is covered by the glaze layer, the surface of the product is smooth, and the hand touch has no obvious unevenness. All the underglaze color ceramics are made on the porcelain slab. After glazing, it is fired once at a high temperature. The flower surface is covered with glaze layer, which looks bright, flat and smooth.

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