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Tableware material affects your health. Please pay attention to the purchase (2)

Update:19 Jul 2019

Harmful metals are mainly derived from glaze pigments. […]

Harmful metals are mainly derived from glaze pigments. Radioactive elemental radium can kill white blood cells. Cadmium, lead and mercury are heavy metals. Cadmium and lead can cause liver or other visceral poisoning. Mercury can cause liver and kidney hardening. Long-term use of glazed tableware for vinegar, wine, juice, vegetables and other foods with high organic acid content, lead and other heavy metals in the tableware will dissolve and enter the body with the food, long time will lead to chronic heavy metal poisoning.
In order to reduce costs, some small ceramic manufacturers purchase cheap raw materials with high lead and cadmium content and unstable performance. In the production process, due to excessive decorative area, insufficient baking temperature or improper processing of workers, the lead dissolution of ceramic products will not meet the standard. Even some individuals and private companies, in order to make more profit, arbitrarily shorten the baking time or reduce the temperature of baking flowers, and use the old-fashioned baking furnace completely relying on the experience of workers, which seriously restricts the quality of ceramic tableware.

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