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Tableware material affects your health. Please pay attention to the purchase (3)

Update:27 Jul 2019

Glass tableware: "Crystal glass" has many hidden danger […]

Glass tableware: "Crystal glass" has many hidden dangers
The glass meal has the characteristics of high hardness, stable chemical properties, smooth and easy surface, and environmental protection. Glass tableware is hygienic and contains no toxic substances.
Crystal glass tableware is a threatening source of lead pollution. Since the content of lead oxide in crystal products is as high as 20-30%, it is used to hold water, which generally does not cause lead poisoning. However, if used to hold wine, the wine will dissolve lead in crystal glass products, and the longer the dissolution The more the amount. Similarly, when using crystal glass containers for foods, especially cola, honey, and juice-based acidic foods, lead ions are also prone to form soluble lead salts that are ingested by the human body with beverages or foods, which is a serious health hazard. Therefore, crystal glass products are called "beautiful killers" by scientists.

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