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Tableware material purchase should pay attention to (2)

Update:12 Oct 2019

Casserole should not be used for cooking, because the o […]

Casserole should not be used for cooking, because the oil temperature of the cooking is very high. When the oil in the pot is heated, it is suddenly put into the cold dish, and the pot is easy to burst. When using casserole soup or stew, first put water in the casserole, then put the casserole on the fire, first use the simmer, then use the fire. Do not use a casserole to make a thick paste.
Use a casserole and handle it gently to avoid falling. Hot casserole can not be placed directly on the ground, use two wooden chopsticks or other heat-resistant things to pad, so as not to cause cracking due to uneven heat inside and outside the wall. Casseroles that have been used in traditional Chinese medicine should not be used for stews and soups. Similarly, the casserole used for stewing and simmering food should not be used to fry Chinese medicine. If you feel the taste in the pot, try to put the hot water in the casserole and add the tea.

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