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The foam lunch box used on the stall is a big hidden danger

Update:07 Apr 2022

Both polystyrene and bisphenol A have nothing to do wit […]

Both polystyrene and bisphenol A have nothing to do with each other except that they are organic substances. The plastic with bisphenol A residue is called PC, polycarbonate, which is a much higher plastic than polystyrene, and pay attention to it. Not release, but residue, the relationship between the two is not the same. Polystyrene is called PS, and the synthetic raw material is called styrene (just remove the poly), so there may be styrene residues, but it is not released, and the residues will not necessarily be released. In the current polystyrene synthesis process, the residual amount of styrene is extremely low, and it is even lower after foaming treatment. Besides, although styrene contains the word benzene, its toxicity is far worse than that of benzene. So what's up with the burnt hole? Because polystyrene is relatively easy to dissolve, when acetone encounters foam, it burrows obediently, which is extremely fast, and high-temperature grease dissolves slowly. The dissolved polystyrene is still a very large molecule. What will happen if the plastic molecules are eaten in the stomach? It may indeed have the effect of accumulation, but it is more likely that the digestive tract can't handle it and excreted it. Cells will never move such large molecules in foolishly and put them in the cells for decoration? How can cancer cause cancer if it is not moved into cells? So this is a hazard. It may accumulate in our digestive tract. As for whether the accumulation will affect the function of the digestive tract, there will be a little bit, but in terms of dosage, the effect is minimal.
A big hidden danger of the foam lunch boxes used on the street stalls is not knowing whether the source of plastic is reliable. Personally, I suggest that if you really want to pack them in the stalls, colorless and transparent plastic bags are more reliable. This kind of plastic is called LDPE, and the biggest use is plastic bags. , Blow out directly without adding any additives, choose colorless and transparent to ensure that there are no fillers and pigments, which is relatively safe. Don't be superstitious about paper bags, look at the papermaking process to know how many additives are used in the pulp, and is there no glue and printing ink on the paper? Think about it, the ink is also easier to dissolve. To buy reliable disposable plastic tableware, please find Shantou Maosheng Plastic Products Factory, the quality is guaranteed.

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