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This is how you use plastic cutlery!

Update:26 Jan 2022

It is best to only heat water-filled foods such as porr […]

It is best to only heat water-filled foods such as porridge and soup in plastic lunch boxes. Meat foods, including high-sugar foods, are best served in porcelain or glass containers when microwaved.
If plasticizers are used in food containers and food packaging materials, they should not come into contact with oily foods and foods for infants and young children.
Even microwave plastic tableware that has passed the standard test is only recommended to be used under 700W and short-term heating conditions, unless the product is marked for cooking or has obtained other international certifications with higher requirements. use under conditions. 700W is roughly equivalent to the mid-range firepower of a microwave oven. Generally, the output power corresponding to each gear is described in the instruction manual. Short-term heating refers to heating for 2 to 3 minutes, and cannot be used for cooking cooked food.

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