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To use disposable environmentally friendly tableware, you must first understand the different types of tableware

Update:23 Aug 2021

Speaking of disposable tableware, everyone is no strang […]

Speaking of disposable tableware, everyone is no stranger to it, and it often appears in our lives. But there are so many kinds of disposable tableware, how much do you know about it? Let us study with Lianyi.
Plastic type
Disposable tableware made of plastic mainly include PP polypropylene and PS polystyrene. PP is softer. Generally, the use temperature of PP disposable tableware is -6°C to 120°C, so it is especially suitable for hot dishes and rice. It can be heated in a microwave oven or even steamed in a steam cabinet. The temperature of disposable tableware made of modified PP can be controlled between -18°C and 110°C. In addition to heating up to 100 degrees, the lunch box made of PP can also be used in the refrigerator.
On the contrary, the disposable tableware made of PS material starts to soften when the temperature reaches 75 degrees, so it is not suitable for holding hot rice and hot dishes, but this material has certain low temperature performance, so it can hold ice cream.
So there will be such a problem. In order to reduce costs, some businesses use PP as the box and PS as the lid. However, consumers of this design must understand the difference between the two materials. The difference is, remember not to put them in the microwave and heat them together.
Cardboard type
Cardboard disposable tableware is made of 300-350 grams of bleached sulphate wood pulp paperboard as raw materials, and die-cutting bonding or die-cutting pressing, forming and other processes. In order to prevent oil or water from leaking, paint must be applied to the surface of the tableware. However, the quality of cardboard is higher, so the cost is gradually increasing.
Starch type
The edible snack box with starch as the raw material, as the name suggests, is made by using starchy plants as the raw material and adding dietary fiber and other edible additives. It is made of bio-composite, calcium ion chelation and other technologies, and consists of four parts: a dense layer, an inner waterproof layer, a rubber mesh layer and an outer waterproof layer.
Biodegradable plastic lunch box
The raw material of this disposable food box is biodegradable plastic. The so-called degradable plastic is the addition of a certain amount of additives in the plastic production process, such as photosensitizers, starch and other raw materials. In this way, the degradable plastic products are used up. After three months of exposure to air, the entire shape can be broken down into pieces, thereby at least visually improving the environment.

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