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What are the environmental impacts of the extensive use of disposable tableware?

Update:17 May 2021

1. Compound wastes such as fast food lunch boxes made o […]

1. Compound wastes such as fast food lunch boxes made of polyvinyl compounds, because they are difficult to degrade in the natural environment, cause continuous damage to soil and water sources.
2. Disposable chopsticks made of wood are difficult to be recycled and reused. The chain-like waste and destruction of vegetation, environment, and climate caused by cutting down forests and trees and other green limited resources.
There are only two disposal methods for disposable tableware: landfill or incineration. If you use a garbage incinerator for incineration, the cost incurred is twice the cost of landfill, and it also emits toxic substances.
However, choosing landfill treatment will waste a lot of resources and hinder plant growth. At the same time, it will pollute groundwater and provide a breeding ground for harmful mosquitoes and bacteria. To fill 1.1 million plastic lunch boxes, 1 mu of vacant land is needed.

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