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What are the hazards of plastic lunch boxes

Update:18 Oct 2021

The main ingredient used to make plastic bags is polyvi […]

The main ingredient used to make plastic bags is polyvinyl chloride. The gas released from hydrogen chloride (HCL) is a toxic gas, especially for plastic bags that have not been inspected by the health department. There is a great danger, and it is easy to cause cancer.
According to relevant experts, when the temperature of the food in the disposable foamed plastic tableware reaches above 60 degrees, the foamed plastic lunch box will release toxic substances, which will cause certain damage to the human central nervous system and seriously threaten the human central nervous system. People are healthy.
Disposable foamed plastic lunch boxes and plastic bags containing food seriously affect our health. When the temperature reaches 65°C, the harmful substances in the disposable foamed plastic tableware will penetrate into the food and cause damage to the human liver, kidneys and central nervous system. In our country, almost all of the ultra-thin plastic bags we use come from the reuse of waste plastics and are produced by small businesses or family workshops. The raw materials used in these production plants are discarded plastic barrels, basins, disposable syringes, etc. In production, the raw materials are crushed into plastic particles with machinery, then the plastic particles are washed in a pool (namely disinfection), taken out and dried, and then pressed into a film with machinery to make various plastic bags. Every time they eat, many people use plastic bags to pack their food. This behavior not only harms the environment, but also harms their bodies.

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