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What are the material types of commonly used disposable packaging bowls?

Update:10 May 2021

The use of disposable packaging bowls facilitates our l […]

The use of disposable packaging bowls facilitates our lives. Do you know what types and materials of packaging bowls we commonly use?
Strictly speaking, there are many types of disposable tableware, but most disposable meals have three categories: biodegradable (paper products, edible powder molded type), light/biodegradable materials (light/biodegradable plastic) , Easy to recycle materials (polypropylene, high-impact polystyrene).
Generally, one-time packaging bowls use more PE (polyethylene), which is very soft and thin in appearance. Because they are all straight-chain structures, the mechanical properties of this material will be relatively poor and the transparency is average. In addition, PVC is also used more, that is, polyvinyl chloride, which has a bluish appearance and is much harder than PE under the same thickness. However, this material burns to produce toxic gases, so the food industry will require strict. If it is the kind of injection molding or blow molding, some of the cups are PC (polycarbonate), although it is environmentally friendly, but the cost is higher, and its mechanical properties are also very good, and it is widely used. There is also PP, which is polypropylene. This kind of material folding box is more used for packaging. The injection molded box is slightly more opaque, but it is also transparent.
Packing bowls of different materials can withstand different temperatures. Generally, PE (maximum 80 degrees), PP (about 70 degrees Celsius, and some as high as 120 degrees Celsius), polystyrene (about 60-80 for long-term use of PS), and PVC increase It can reach 120 degrees with less plasticizer.

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