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What kind of disposable lunch box can be heated in the microwave

Update:19 Apr 2021

There are many materials and types of disposable lunch […]

There are many materials and types of disposable lunch boxes, but a question that everyone is more concerned about is-what kind of plastic products are suitable for heating in a microwave oven?
In fact, if you want to solve this problem, you must first understand these plastic products. In fact, plastic products have 7 plastic types of logo codes. What we usually see is in the middle of the triangle composed of three arrows representing the cycle, plus the number Mark, attach a triangular recycling mark to plastic products, and use numbers 1 to 7 and English abbreviations to refer to the types of plastic used in plastics.
No. 1 plastic can withstand a high temperature of 70°C, which is more suitable for mineral water bottles; No. 2 plastic is mainly used for food packaging bags. Among the 7 types, only No. 5 is the only one that can be heated in a microwave oven. Its composition is polypropylene, which can withstand high temperatures of 130°C. Therefore, when citizens choose plastic products, as long as they see the "5" mark in the triangle at the bottom, these plastic products can be heated in a microwave oven, but they still have to choose large-brand plastic products.
One more thing, if there is no such mark on the lid of a plastic product, the lid must be removed when heating. When cleaning this kind of plastic, do not use sharp objects such as steel wire balls to avoid scratching the surface of the plastic and spilling harmful substances during the next heating.

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