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What problems should be paid attention to when using disposable lunch boxes for a long time

Update:13 Jan 2021

1. Load at low temperature If you go to a restaurant to […]

1. Load at low temperature
If you go to a restaurant to buy a boxed lunch and take it away, it is recommended to wait until the food is completely cold before loading it, so as to avoid the high temperature causing the harmful substances in the lunch box to dissolve.
2. Avoid high temperature heating
Disposable lunch boxes cannot be used to heat food in microwave ovens, unless there is a clear label for microwave use on the lunch box.
3. Use less foaming tableware once
The foamed plastic lunch boxes used by vendors should be refused. Compared with wood fiber and plastic lunch boxes, foamed lunch boxes have a greater hazard index.
4. Avoid oily foods
It is best to avoid using plastic boxes to store foods that contain a lot of fat and high sugar content, because the boiling point of the oil easily exceeds the heat resistance limit of the plastic, and the oil, sugar and plasticizer are all organic and similarly compatible.

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